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The resource library contains a number links to free resources that may be useful to teachers and students.

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Science Trek – Robotics

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This site provides a range of educational resources including projects, tutorials and workshops, particularly focussed on electronics and programming.

Splash ABC

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Offers a range of educational resources, videos and activities for F-10 levels.!/stem

STAND Lesson 8: Create An Ad

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This Media Education Lab lesson explains a variety of design techniques that can be used to create an advertisement as well as general design guidelines.

STELR innovative STEM teaching website

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The STELR site contains relevant information, videos, images and links detailing the products offered by the organisation. Education resources for teaching sustainable housing as well as other environment science topics are presented.

STELR Project YouTube channel

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The STELR Project YouTube channel contains a range of videos, including introductory videos to the organisation as well as experts speaking about STEM related topics

STEM Education in Victoria

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This site provides blogs, curriculum, videos and activities relating to STEM.

STEM Works

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Includes articles, activities and resources for teachers relating to STEM.

Stormwater Education Manual

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This manual provides lessons, information sheets and activities.

Sustainable Futures

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This CSIRO initiative supports teachers and provides resources for students to learn about creating a sustainable future.

Go to Our research tab – Browse by subject to access in-depth information on advanced technologies that are contributing to a sustainable future