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Glossary: Resource library

3D Universe

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This site provides a range of information and educational materials related to 3D printing and 3D design.


A Resource Guide to Assistive Technology for Students with Visual Impairment

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This resource provides an explanation of a range of assistive technologies that are used for different purposes by students with visual impairments.


ACMI Generator

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The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) website has a range of production resources and tools, including a Storyboard Generator that students can use to build their stories.


Adafruit - Wearables

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The Adafruit site has a range of wearable technology projects that you can try.

All About Robotic Surgery

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This site provides detailed information on the use of robotics in surgery, including benefits and considerations.



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The Arduino site provides a range of instructions and ideas for projects that will help you to get started working with Arduino.

Arduino Day

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Arduino programming notebook

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This guide provides detailed instructions for Arduino programming.

Arduinos Programming

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Assistive Technology Industry Association

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This site explains what assistive technologies are and provides information about selecting appropriate assistive technology.