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We have ask some industry representatives to tell us a bit about their careers, the technologies and skills they use and how they got there. These videos have been gathered in a database collection for you to review and explore different career choices.


Peter Turner, Electronic Engineer

Peter Turner, CEO of Tribotix talks about how he was introduced to the world of robotics.
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Trevor Snow, Simulation Specialist

Trevor Snow is a Simulation Specialist working for Box Hill TAFE. He works with roboticized manikins to help train doctors and nurses in the field of medicine
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Paul Hughes, Product Specialist

Paul Hughes works for Dell EMC as a Product Specialist. He get to travel around Australia demonstrating Dells latest tech to some of the most inspirational people within business.
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Jade Porter, Infrastructure Solutions

As the Infrastructure Solutions Director, Jade looks after a team of specialists who work with customers and partners to deliver innovative infrastructure solutions.
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Armand Smit, Data Analytics Arc...

Armand Smit is a Data and Analytics Architect at Dell EMC. He helps companies use different kinds of data to drive better business outcomes.
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Joenard Camarista, 3D printing

Joenard Camarista is a Engineering Technologist working at Yarra Ranges Tech School
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Ray Keefe, Electronics Design

Ray Keefe is the CEO of Successful Endeavours, a multi-award winning Australian Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development consultancy.
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Giselle Mitchell, Div 1 Nurse

Giselle Mitchell is a Registered Division 1 Nurse, who's role includes patient beside care and attending to complex care needs in a medical surgical environment.
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Jane Toner, Biomimicry Professional

Jane Toner is an Architect, Sustainability Consultant and Biomimicry Professional. 'Biomimicry' comes from the Greek word 'bios', meaning 'life', and 'mimimicry' meaning to copy something. So biomimicry can be refers to copying life. Watch this video to find out more.
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Adrian Keegan, WearOz

Adrian Keegan is the founder of WearOz, an Australian wearable technology company.
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