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We have ask some industry representatives to tell us a bit about their careers, the technologies and skills they use and how they got there. These videos have been gathered in a database collection for you to review and explore different career choices.


Sarah Silcocks, Invertebrate Keeper

Sarah Silcocks is an Invertebrate Keeper at Melbourne Zoo. She looks after butterfly's, stick insects, leaf insects, praying mantis's and more.
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Mariske De Wit, Flower Farmer

Mariske De Wit, part owner of Sunny Hill Flower Farm produces cut-flowers all year round
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Stephen Forrest, Electronic Engineer

Stephen Forrest, is the director of SEBA Design Pty Ltd, a company that produces industrial electronics
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Andrew King, Programmer

Andrew King is a programmer at Box Hill Institute. His main role is to look after StudentWeb, the Learning Management System. This includes installing customs blocks and activities as well as integrating other systems with StudentWeb.
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